Reincarnation-I’m Back

Mar 21, 2021 I think I am going to adopt reincarnation as my new religious ideology of choice, it would fit me well, I could come alive, mess up my entire life, go dead for a hundred years, come back alive, mess up my life, go dead, on and on. Who knows, after a couple billion tries I might finally get all the bugs worked out, probably not though, after coming alive two billion times people would probably start saying “Oh god no, it’s him again”, and I would end up right back where I am today with people saying “Oh god no, it’s him again” when I show up at parties, Free Squid Night down at Joe’s, the barber shop, or the hamburger window. I would at least like the opportunity to try life over a billion or so times, I really would enjoy all the childhoods, I would never tire of that, oh how I used to love it when pretty ladies pinched my cheek or patted me on the head and gave me a stick of gum and said that I was such a cute and sweet little boy that they could just eat me up, it has been so long since a pretty lady told me she could just eat me up, the first part of life is the best, that’s when you are too stupid to mess your life up yet, all is wonderous and new, you are like the brand new car you get and you want it to never have a scratch on it, but you know that as time goes by you are gonna get a scratch or two, then some parking lot dings, then great big dents, then your entire life will be a shambles and your life ends up being a 1997 pickup truck with no fenders and a half a steering wheel, and you can’t park on a hill because the clutch is gone and you have no parking brake. Oh how I wish I could be that brand new little boy again, when the whole world loved me because I hadn’t yet become what I was to become, One shot at life isn’t fair for a person like me, I need billions of chances to possibly get it right, well, whattaya gonna do, once the cards are cut, they’re cut, once the horse is out of the barn, it’s out of the barn, once your life gets away from you, it’s away, this is Paulie, wishing that all your reincarnations are good ones, peace and love…


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