It’s A Sad Sad Sad World

Mar 21, 2021 The moon looked like a bullet hole in the sky, a great whooshing sound indicated that the vacuum of space was leaking out, taking all the distant worlds and galaxies along with it, what did it matter, this world has been one great cosmic joke in which I was the punchline, I had set my sights high, I was going to be the greatest humor writer that the world had ever seen, then it all went wrong somehow, the world changed and no one wanted to laugh anymore, I had hoisted my little joke flag high so the world could salute it but it got shotgunned to tatters by a new paradigm, my great wide joke bird was shot down to earth by greasy drunken hunters down below whose dirty fingers only wanted to gut and skin a magnificent creature, I tasted the wind, but only for a brief moment, I will never fly again, I am now a raggedy beggar man on the street holding a rusted tin can full of old jokes, I cry out to passersby on the city sidewalk “Please mister”, “Won’t you buy a joke from me”, “Only a nickel”, most ignore my pleas, some give me a sad half-smile that says “You poor pathetic man”, “Whatever became of you to have ended up in such a forlorn condition”, this once colorfully-plumed wild bird that flew among the clouds calling out to the world in a voice that sounded like a thousand excited geese is now a dead duck inside a hunter’s bloody pouch, I guess I should have seen it coming, nothing ever lasts in this world, life is just one short breath of air that is gone when it is exhaled, well, I have an old Charlie Manson joke about how when he was a kid he murdered a whole box of jelly donuts and his mother said the kitchen looked like a crime scene, I’m headed down to the barber shop to retell it again and try to relive a moment of my former glory days, this is Paulie, saying if you can’t have a funny day, then have a peaceful one, good afternoon…


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