My Homes Rich Heritage

Feb 23, 2021 Diary entry: I would like to encourage people to look into the history of the homes they live in, your home may have a rich history as mine does. I found out that my house was used as a hideout by John Dillinger the famous bank robber because it was centrally located between the grand movie houses of the day and the large banks that had weak or nonexistent security. We all know how Dillinger loved movie houses and banks, and my house still has many of the amenities that Dillinger cherished. I have an antique brass bathtub that Dillinger had shipped up specially all the way from Terre Haute. Dillinger loved bubble baths, he was an immaculately clean man even though his dirty behavior suggested otherwise. You have all heard the story of how the cops got wise to Dillinger’s attraction to movies, especially first-run debuts, well, one day Dillinger had just come home after watching Old Yeller, and the cops were waiting for him behind the bushes in the front yard of my house, and a famous shootout took place. I still have three bullet holes in my front door that were made by Dillinger’s Charter Arms American Bulldog .38 caliber revolver. My master bedroom has not been redecorated since the days when Scarface Al Capone slept there between beer wars and shootouts with rival gang members, Capone loved the room’s simple comforts and the large bed’s copper headboard. He even dug his initials into it, SAC, Scarface Al Capone. Scarface loved the airiness of the room and how the morning sun peeked into the easternmost window and kissed him softly on the cheek like his wife used to do back in Chicago. My home has a rich history that is beyond compare, I urge you all to research your own homes and find out their rich histories too, you might be amazed at what you find out. This is Paulie, saying “Keep history alive”, peace…


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