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Apr 2, 2021 Diary entry: It’s springtime here in the Midwest, and that means it’s time for love and music. Our annual Stars Over The Barnyard spring music festival is coming up soon, people will be flooding into this end of the county to see and hear the likes of Barry Patch and His Quiltwork Field Hands do their famous “Well Diggers Don’t Know (How Deep My Love Is For You”, “I’ll String The Fencin’, You String The Beans”, and their rousing rendition of “Floozie In The Henhouse”, “Please Don’t Mash My Potato Love”, “Why Must You String My Bean Along”, “Truck Patch Lover”, and “Corn Fed Woman”. Bonie Splinters and His Ham Strung Boys were selected as the best county music artists of 2020, and some of their hits include “Well Water Woman (Slake My Thirst)”, “The Cows Ain’t Comin’ Home No More”, “My Love Basket’s Got A Hole (And I Can’t Hold You)”, “Snagged Up On Your Barbwire Heart”, “Dog Paw Love”, and “Chicken Coop Lady”. Tiny Timmie Tightman and His Loose Bib Boys will have everyone tappin’ their overshoes to the beat of “Oh Weevil Weevil, She So Evil”, “Watermelon Tears On My Pillow”, “Our Love Turned Cold At The Ice Cream Social”, “Hog Belly Blues”, “Side Meat Serenade”, and “Put Your Hoe Down Sally (I Got Something To Tell You)”. Sweet Pinkie and His Crimson Tuba Trio always knock the barn door down with “Cold Feet And Galoshes”, “Your Muddy Boots Tell The Story”, “Baby Don’t Rotate Your Crop Of Love”, “My Soybean Future Market Is With You”. “Makin’ Crop Circles In The Wheat Tonight”, “I Stubbed My Toe On The Bedstead Of Your Love”, and “Farmin’ Your Love ‘Til Harvest Time”. Rockie Ground and His Post Hole Digger Band are known for their “Gonna Dig You Clear To China Tonight”, “Lovin’ You Is Harder Than Skinnin’ A Catfish”, “Clangin’ The Milk Buckets With You”, “I Fell Into The Manure Lagoon Of Your Heart (Love Stinks)”, “Farm Dogs Don’t Know”, “Let’s Two Step One More Time”, and “My Love Is A Cliff (Lover Don’t Leap)”. M.T. Pokkets and His Loose Change Combo always thrill the crowd with “A Nickel For Love”, “Half Dollar Woman”, “Your Love Platter Is All Gizzards And Gristles”, “Sow Belly Sweetheart”, “Baby Has A Redneck Tan”, “Pickle Brine Moon Cryin’ On Me Again”, “Why Does Your Love Syrup Run From Me”, “Empty Milk Cans And Pie Pans Only Remind Me Of You”, and “You Got Me Waggin’ My Tail Again”. Well that’s the music scene as it stands in this end of the county, I hope you all have a musically wonderful day…


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