A Party/Think Meeting

Aug 13. 2020 Diary entry: Your mama dropped you when you were a baby! She dropped you out of the wrong hole! Why is it so difficult for you to write more mainstream humor that won’t result in more death threats, we need a complete overhaul here, this little endeavor of ours is sinking fast, we need humor for the masses, not high minded stuff that the average loser can’t understand, how about safe knock knock jokes, dumb asses like knock knock jokes, how about “Knock knock”, “Who’s there”, “Albert Einstein, John Glenn, and the governor”, “Albert Einstein John Glenn, and the governor who”, “Albert Einstein, John Glenn, and the governor who are the biggest liars to come out of America since the Revolution”, is that so hard to do, let’s get down to writing stuff that doesn’t offend people, or their preconceived notions about a world that only exists within their heads, how about clown jokes, everybody likes clown jokes “What did the littlest clown in the clown car say”, “Someone had the fermented squid salad and cabbage for lunch”, “Why did the clown beat his wife”, “Because a German Shepard can really be a smart ass”, “Why did the two drunk clowns get ejected from the bar”, “Because they were clowns”, well, I’m calling a twenty four hour party/think meeting for this Friday, drinks and food will be provided, if you want extras, you’ll have to bring them yourselves, this meeting stands adjourned, shalawam…


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