Can You Feel It?

Aug 1, 2020 Diary entry: Heavy seas, heavy weather off the horizon in the northeast, increasing squalls, noble sea birds falling out of the air, warnings over the radio, something bad is approaching, take cover all you land people, hide within whatever it is that comforts you and pull it up over your heads, they say this late season storm is going to be the worst ever recorded, as for Paulie and his daring crew, we will be out here on the sea, reporting to you from the storm’s center, we never sleep, our eyes are wide open, our words go out continually, if you choose to turn our channel off in order to listen to soft music, then dance well, as the music is about to end with a long-lasting final crescendo, this is your weatherman Paulie, saying shalawam to the most daring people of the earth, may peace follow you like your shadow, again, shalawam…


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