There’s A Great Dark Cloud Over People

July 28, 2020 Diary entry: Hello everybody, come on in, I’m just sitting here at my desk gazing into the great gray cloud that encompasses me, as I do, I remember my good friend from back in the neighborhood, Skimmer, Skimmer had once worked out at the sewage settling ponds as a skimmer, and he was the guy who came up with all our ideas and plans, hold on, some guy on Facebook just said he had been illuminated to the truth that our government may not be what people think it is, let me reply to this guy real quick, “If you call that being illuminated, you must have been a decomposing corpse that missed the train to the landfill, and your brain was eaten by the stupidest goddamned maggots known to science!”, where do these fools come from, where was I, oh yeah, we got a lot of feedback from our Binary Nerd diary entry, unfortunately, all the feedback was from the BiNerds themselves, one guy objected to the “Jello Earth Wobble Theory”, he says the core of the earth is made up of chocolate pudding like his mother used to make, and he sent a death threat, another science lover took offence because I called his idol Neel Grassfed Raisin, an oblate hemorrhoid and a stupid kid whose mother tied his shoelaces to each other in knots so tight he fell down every time he took a step, and that’s where his wobble earth crap came from, this guy said to me “Screw you Whity”, I simply replied “Scoo yoo too”, and “Yoo cam out yoo momma’s rong hole bich”, what can you do with people nowadays, huh, well, there was a reason for this diary entry, but for the life of me, I can’t think of what it was, anyway, the smoke is beginning to fade, revealing that the clock on the wall is pointing it’s hands to two minutes to doomsday, the whole gang down here at Diary Headquarters wants to wish you so much love that you barf it up when you laugh, this is Paulie, saying keep your head in the cloud, but keep your car on the road, shalawam…


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