Those Sweet Smith Brothers Wild Cherry Cough Drops, And Abe Lincoln Clones

July 9, 2020 Diary entry: Do you remember those Smith Brothers Wild Cherry cough drops, they were awesome, do you remember the pure white box with a bright red cherry on it, and pictures of the heads of the Smith brothers, they looked like those old dudes from the 1865’s, and they had beards like Lincoln, they actually looked like Lincoln, do you suppose they were clones, could they have had clone technology back in Lincoln’s time, if they did, they could have killed the clone Lincoln instead of the real one, after all, John Wilkes Booth was a Jesuit trained Free Mason, they could have done a “False Floyd” on Lincoln like the Free Masons did today, they say there is nothing new under the sun, and there’s nothing new about Free Masonic shenanigans, that’s for sure, anyway, it begs the question, who exactly did invent the Smith Brothers Wild Cherry cough drops, was it truly the Smith brothers, or did the real Lincoln invent them, these are questions for the ages I guess, anyway, one more thing, is it true that a hummingbird can’t stop flapping his wings or he’ll die, that’s what I was taught as a kid and I was wondering if I was being screwed with again, it seems that everyone used to screw with me, my teachers, my friends, my big brother, my pastor, my government, I just want to know if the hummingbird thing is real, because how do they sleep at night, and don’t their pillows end up outside the nest, and how do they know when their wives are angry with them if they never stop flapping their wings, so many questions, and not enough time for the answers, well, there is one thing that Paulie will never question, and that is his love for you, I wish you peace…


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