Paulie Never Codes His Love

July 8, 2020 Diary entry: In a previous Diary entry, Paulie never even told his Hindu man “snake in the basket” joke, yet he has been receiving numerous complaints about causing deviant mental anguish among the sheep of the nation in which he resides, you Egyptians have just got to lighten up, Amnun, your ram-headed sheep god that you refer to as the Lamb of God, he isn’t angry with Paulie, and neither should you be, that one “eye” in the sky isn’t angry either, and he is not on me, he is on you, the one eyed monster is on your back like a frightened monkey, the “one-eyed snake” has wrapped himself around you like an anaconda, and his “one eye” is staring in your face, now that that bit of news is out of the way, we will move on to new business, Paulie has just learned how the elite communicate with each other, they use signs, symbols, and key words and phrases, once you learn the code, you know what they are saying, let me give you an example, the other day our governor was on television telling people that the best treatment for impaired lung function is now partial suffocation, he was explaining the new numbers and dragging on like politicians do, to put you half asleep so they can do their word magic on you, well, if I read his key words and phrases right, he was actually saying that he was bored and he wanted to just go home and get out of his suit and tie, and relax in the hot tub and make out with his boy dog, he also subliminally said “corn casserole” is not what the masses think it is, and that when the governors “corn gets high” in July, he will “boil it” in the nearest pot, I’m new at this decoding thing, but I think I’m catching on, I think I have worked out using gematria that “flattening the curve” resonates with the term “I’m a lying dirt bag”, well, this new translation system really works, you should all give it a try, start translating your governor’s words for your friends and family, believe me, it is one heck of a conversation starter, but be forewarned, Paulie had a bowl of soup poured in his lap and some full beer cans thrown at his head, if I wasn’t such a dedicated teacher, I would have never taken on the job of teaching such a wretched bunch of students in the festering slums of Babylon, but hey, we all must go where we are needed right? This is Paulie, always willing to teach, and willing to send his undying and uncoded love to those whom he loves, shalawam to the beautiful people of earth, again, shalawam…


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