My Last Journey To The Future

May 23, 2020 Diary entry: I just got off the phone with my psychic reader, I had questions and concerns about my future that I needed help with; I told her all about myself and she listened intently to my story and she told me my future, she said it was highly probable that some stranger would try to strangle me in the grocery store line, or one of my neighbors might leave a bag of dog crap on my doorstep that would be wired with dynamite, but most likely, she herself would hop on a plane and fly to my home to see what kind of a charmed life I lead that I am still alive because if life was indeed fair, I would be in the middle of the ocean paddling a lead inner tube, I think everyone should consult with a fully qualified psychic every now and then, just to stay connected to what it is that makes you tick, you can also get dating advice if you are willing to open up for love, the love advice I was given was to buy flowers and a box of candy and go kiss a charging buffalo, well, I think I’ve learned enough about my future and my love prospects to last me for quite some time, I’ll just wing it from here and take what comes without seeing it coming first, this is Paulie, staying clueless about his future, shalom…


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