Boy Do I Have A Vision For You

June 2, 2020 Diary entry: Hey everybody, this is Paulie, your telephone psychic, thanks for calling, tell me about yourself, oh never mind, I already know you, you are a deeply sad individual who is confused and perplexed about your little world, Fantasy Land has pests that are eating and crapping on your counter as you sleep, hang on a second, some people have just entered my office with a box of smokes, some bottles, and a big sack of my favorite sandwiches, they are signaling to me to get off the phone, I’m going to have to postpone your psychic reading for a while as I have other more important things to do, my secretary will give you a call back time and we will delve into your deep seated problems at that time, in the meantime, don’t drink any sleeping pill cocktails with vodka in them, make sure your thirty second floor apartment windows are all closed and locked, and for heaven’s sake, turn off your television set, that is where you are getting all your crazy ideas from; Paulie really wants to help you but he must prioritize, and right now the most important and highest priority is to try and figure out how to smoke, eat, and drink in the proper order, well, as the office fills with a great cloud and people begin to share their unique smoke visions with the group, we all would like to tell the people of the world to chill out, you are much too serious about your false reality, you need to lean back and remove that mask and take a deep breath, let the oxygen into your lungs, exhale all your bad thoughts, and sip on some kind of strong drink as you ask yourself why it is you have become so stupid and trusting of every bullshit story they tell you on your screen of choice, well, as I gaze into the smoke I see a young Paulie, he is returning from battle covered in the blood of the man who had been terrorizing the beautiful princess Almadah who had just proclaimed her undying love to Paulie, Paulie is riding his white steed who can barely walk from his injuries and leaves a trail of his life blood on the cold frozen ground which was sacrificed for the sweet Almadah, the woman of women, Almadah has hair that comes down like a summer rainstorm, her voice is like a thousand hungry whipporwills who call out across the land, her lips are like the first wine of the season, her eyes take the dreary night away and cast a warm glow into a cold soul, well, it’s someone else’s turn to take a shot at a vision, Gweneeshah always comes up with the best ones, anyway, this is Paulie and the gang here in the office, wishing you shalom…


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