Paulie’s Personality And Your Mind

May 3, 2020 Diary entry: There is one question that we are still continually receiving from readers, “Paulie, why are you such an butthole”, that is a question that has no easy answer, it would take up too much time to go into here, we will put together a detailed synopsis and publish it at a later date, as there is much to discuss about the state of the world, Paulie’s personality will have to simmer on the back burner for awhile, we have vital information to pass on to the inhabitants of the world on this date in history, but first, this idea that a dumbass today will still be a dumbass tomorrow is preposterous, a dumbass can change, I believe that, I have to, anyway, the state of the world’s collective mind has been discussed by leading authorities recently but they didn’t touch on several points that we will touch on today concerning the one-world brain; now, how to describe the one world brain, let’s see, your brain is as bright as the busted headlamp in the old car that has been sitting in your front yard ever since you bought the house, if your doctor read your EEG, he would declare you legally brain dead, your brain stem has dry rot, your IQ stands for Idiot Quotient, you must have bought your brain from a going-out-of-business sale at the scratched and dented place, the last real thought you had gave you a migraine, if your brain waves were fudge ripple, your ice cream would be plain vanilla, you never need to worry about skull erosion because it’s a stale lagoon inside there, if your brain waves were a tsunami, people would still be sitting in their inflatable chairs on the beach, if your brain waves were peristalsis, your colon would be impacted, please people, open your eyes, if you see the inside of a rectum, you know you are the proverbial ostrich with his head in a hole, when you got in line for brain handouts, you must have been in the government surplus cheese line instead, your brain has government stamped all over it, that’s why you vote and declare all your tip money on your income tax, that’s why you believe your president is actually Jesus in the flesh, that’s why you believe your government loves you like a new-born son and you need Big Brother to care for you like he really gives a crap, anyway, we will get to the real problems you people have at a later date, there is a movie coming on TV that I want to critique and my frozen margarita should almost be thawed out enough to drink, so I will leave you all with this parting thought, if you don’t understand this world we live in, don’t worry, I don’t think anyone does, this is Paulie, your patient and loving mind critiquer, saying shalom…


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