Heading For Money Town

May 2, 2020 Diary entry: I was heading home on the bus after an out-of-state business venture, and there was a handsome young soldier travelling in the seat next to me, he was a brave-looking sort, I asked him what his military responsibilities were and he explained, “Well, my first responsibility is to muck out the horse stalls, then I dip out the latrines, then I go work in the mess hall, rolling out the dough for the biscuits”, he seemed like a fine young man and I felt a twinge of that old American patriotism I used to feel so long ago, anyway, the young man regaled me with his exploits all the way to Rusty Springs, where we stopped for fuel and supper at the Rusty Spoon Eat Gas and Go, the only menu item they had left to serve customers was the special, their famous Chinese dish, Rheel Lhoos Dhung with Mr. Fong’s Slippery Noodle Special, they advertise it as the dish you won’t forget, they only serve it to people who are passing through town, a kind of tourist special that visitors can take with them to remember their short stay, anyway, with all the talk about an ongoing crisis of mask shortages, I have begun a new start-up company and I’m making masks from old underwear I no longer use, I settled on a modern print design of off white with brown splotches, very chic, I expect rave reviews, and I have contracted with a local nursing home to buy additional materials at low cost, this could be the business deal that lands me in Money Town baby, we’re working on an ad campaign as we speak, expect to see me hawking my unmentionable wares on TV soon, “What do I have to do to put you into my old underwear today”, “All the most discerning of unique upper-minded people are breathing through Paulie’s basic gray this year”, “Be one of the in-crowd who are shedding the complications of life during a most distressing time, keep it brief, keep it Paulie brief”, “Paulie’s brief designer masks, $1.99 plus tax”, “We accept gratuities”, “Thank you”, anyway, where was I, there was something important I wanted to relay, but I forgot what it was, well, maybe I’ll think of it later, if I do, I’ll meet everybody back here at a later date, as it is, the clock’s hands are pointing to martini time, this is Paulie, the Masked Marauder of Television Advertising Fame, wishing you all shalom…


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