An Early Halloween

May 3, 2020 Diary entry: Now I don’t want to offend anyone, but I can’t get used to all these imbeciles wearing masks, every time I turn around I think it’s a stagecoach robbery and I reach for my wallet, boy, Halloween came early this year and every one of the stupid kids is on the street celebrating, I always knew the earth produced people with rocks in their heads, but come on, are people buying this fake go around; when the real 5G frequencies hit this fall, will they then think the millions of dead are fake, will they think that is fake like they think this is real, anyway, it seems the human body produces viruses to remove harmful things like dead cells, dead bacteria, things that cause illness and the like, an ill person has viruses because the body produced them to defend itself, viruses don’t cause illness, they are a result of illness, it’s the same with white blood cells, white blood cells are present with every infection, but white blood cells do not cause infection, they are the result of the body’s defense mechanism against infection, so with this in mind, why would you allow people to give you vaccinations to protect you against a good thing your body produces for specific reasons, why are you allowing people you only know from television to push vaccines on you, why is it so important to them that they give you a shot, why do you accept them when you haven’t a clue as to what they are, or what’s in them, you only know what the vax pushers tell you, and you take it as gospel, you people are all so government-educated by your rulers who have you so confused and in the dark you can’t see beyond the bowl of Frito’s and the rim of your beer can, you people are about two things, Trust Trust Trust, and Love Love Love, you are afraid if you don’t love every scumbag on earth, you will fall off the ball, god, how pathetic you are, you have no spine, you cannot walk upright because you are pudding people, you are as soft as a springtime mud hole, I admonish you, listen to Paulie’s words, study them, dry up that pudding-soft soul of yours, come out of the fetid slime of your gooey existence, dry off with Paulie’s large beach towel, come to our door, we will welcome you with little candy treats, but you’ll have to remove that idiotic mask first, this is Paulie, all stocked up with Halloween candy for the retarded kiddies of the world, shalom…


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