Georgia Gals, A Charging Bull, And A Sick Cat

Apr 29, 2020 Diary entry: Hey everybody, I’m here at a new bar and grill down in the southern part of the state, I don’t even know the name of the place, anyway, the conversation was lively to say the least and someone mentioned how they loved “Georgia gals”, you know what a “Georgia gal” is don’t you, it’s a sow who just gave birth to her piglets and she is too tired to run away, the people down here are something else, the guy in the gas station said they have a special room up over the saloon where a man can get the best “possum pie” in the county, but it costs extra if you want the trimmings, the sign at the town limit says “Welcome to Possum County, our Georgia gals are the prettiest anywhere around”, anyway, I wanted to talk about those recurring dreams we all have, I have had the same scary dream my entire life where I’m in a pasture and a great big bull spots me and he charges, and I start to run towards the fence but I never make it in time, this bull has snot and smoke coming from his head and he has a face that looks like Jackie Gleason, and he’s doing like Jackie always did at the end of his show, you know, he comes out from behind the curtain carrying a cup of coffee on a saucer in one hand and he’s got a cigarette between two fingers, and he has smoke coming out from his head, and he calls out to his bandleader “Take it away Sammy!”, then he makes a little kick and dances off the stage after saying “Thank you ladies and gentlemen”, my recurring dream always ends up the same way, this charging bull ends up being Jackie Gleason at the end of his show, I sometimes wonder what dream interpreters would make of it, it’s just the weirdest thing, anyway, other than that, it has been a slow news day around here, the animals are doing better since I changed their feed, except for Goober my cat, he is not doing well and I fear I may have to drop him off in the country somewhere, he has been the blessed light of my life but there is only so much I can take, sometimes you just have to simplify your life, well, it’s getting late, the dogs are howling to be let in, Goober’s going out whether he wants to or not, and I am going to go root around in the cellar to see what I can find, so good night, good dreams, and good love, shalom…


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