My Mice Hate Me

Apr 27, 2020 Diary entry: Oh god my life is pathetic, this desolate house is barren except for two skinny little mice who I saw this morning playing Russian roulette with a mouse trap, I overheard one of them say that life here isn’t worth living, and he was pointing a loaded mouse trap at his head, what has my meager existence become that common vermin don’t want to live here anymore, am I doomed to live a solitary rest of my life in a rodent free house because the last two rodents around here reject me, I am a man without a country, I am an outcast in my own home, I am the quintessential pariah, I am the warmed over leftover of the past which the dogs won’t eat, oh how far I have sunk, I am as the water-soaked worm who has been on the hook so long that even the lowly bottom-sucking fish won’t touch me, well, the sun has to rise in the morning, the light has to follow the darkness, Paulie will carry on as always with his feet on the ground, his arms outstretched toward the sky, and his eyes forever focused on the heavens above, well, this is Paulie, drinking a short martini with no olive, shalom everybody…


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