You Didn’t Follow The Recipe

Apr 27, 2020 Diary entry: This is your life coax Paulie here, now Paulie knows you don’t have much life inside you, but what little bit there is, he will coax it out of you somehow, some way, or another way, Paulie and his experienced staff here at Paulie Gee’s Realtime Diary are experts at what we do, we have been breathing life into seemingly dead fish that today are the first ones up the fish ladder, we have highly skilled chefs who rescue and repair spoiled dishes that you people made because you didn’t follow the recipe, we follow the perfect, ancient recipe that comes from above, the recipe written by the restaurant owner, Yahawah, who cooked up the heavens and the earth by his spoken word, your watery jello minds remain unset because you never had the recipe, you didn’t read the recipe book, you have added too much of the world’s contaminated water given you by dirty greasy-spoon cooks who cough and wheeze on everything they handle, turn yourselves over to us and we will firm you up and set you on course, you are seriously dripping on those around you who are already soggy enough, there is a disease spreading in this world, and it’s called the Drip, the Drip from your melting brain drips on another, and then that person drips on another, and on and on it goes, until we find ourselves swimming in an ocean of stupidity that threatens to wash us out to sea, our staff is the crew in the boat who uses their little tin cans to bail out your accumulated fetid drippings to keep us from capsizing and sinking to the lowest depths of the cold ocean; we need you all to dry up; dry out those mushy thoughts that have led you into the marshy quagmire that you believe is solid ground, your doughy brains have avoided the oven long enough, stay here and accept our help, our oven is hot and we never turn it off, we want to bake you until you are done, it will take much effort and a lot of time, but this is our job, it is all we do, we are the bakers and you are the doughy raw material that will never amount to anything until you feel the heat, don’t worry, we won’t scorch you, we will cook you until you are a perfect golden brown, and you will take the center position at the table on the special silver platter, and all the diners will ooh and ah over your magnificence, so turn your soggy buns over to the professionals, we patiently await, shalom…


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