No More Words

Apr 27, 2020 Diary entry: Oh good goddamn gravy, the lies are so obvious that a drunken, blind, and retarded comatose roadside carcass with his eyes scooped out by the sharp beaks of famished buzzards can see that all this present nonsense is fake as Aunt Fluffy’s cheap Wal-Mart wig, the people of the world have no eyes, even if they did have eyes, they would not comprehend what they see, the staff here at Paulie Gee’s Realtime Diary are discussing ceding the race, we are tired, we have no more words, we want to give up the whole game, we can get no one on board with truth and reality, we have tried to feed the inhabitants of the world, but they will have none of what we offer, you all have a few morsels of food and that is all you care about, your dusty cupboard is bare and you don’t care, well, we leave your life up to you, we have warned of rocky reefs up ahead but you have spurned our warning, you refuse to alter your course; oh well Shit Freakin’ Insky, word has just come in advising that the CDC has added six new symptoms to the already insanely long list of symptoms that cause the fake thing that people believe is real, these fake story tellers are trying to unite every symptom in the history of symptoms into one stupid fake disease, just like they are uniting the world into one sick and twisted stew which should have been dumped into the garbage long ago because it is old and cooked for so long there isn’t anything left to it but a stinking brown jelled up mass of something that resembles your toilet contents after you got drunk and ate Taco Bell after your wife’s best friends wedding because the reception took place in the parking lot outside the River County jail because your wife’s best friend’s family came into town for the first time in ten years and they wanted to party enough to last another ten years on the mountain top back home where they raise muskrats for breeding purposes and they sell the dead ones to their relatives because everyone wants a fancy sit down meal on the solstice which they mark like they mark their scent on trees and fence posts to just say “Hi” to their neighbors, anyway, our staff is tired, we are out of words, we cannot think of anything more to say, we cut you loose, you people are on your own, find your own path through this dangerous and deceptive world, may God have mercy on your ragged and diseased souls, shalom…


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