Sometimes The Honey Is Mixed With Drool

Apr 27, 2020 Diary entry: Hello there Blind Eyes, how I wish you could see the world around you; though I relentlessly and continually describe the world to you, you don’t see it, and when I’m away, dirty wicked men whisper sweet words in your ear, telling you fantastic tales of what the world is, you listen to the words that drip like honey from their mouths, but you can’t see that blood drips from their snot-wettened snouts, and that their eyes are cold as a reptile, oh Blind Eyes, how I wish you would let me show you the world you live in, the real word based on fact, I am your friend who loves you, you know me, but you prefer the fictional tales of strangers, strangers who hate you and want to do you harm, what can I do to make you see, you are a lame cripple to facts and truths that are grounded to the earth, but the fairy tales and lies of evil men stimulate you and make you dance on clouds; all that you see is in your head Blind Eyes, it’s all only in your head, how I wish I could take you by the hand and show you the world, but I can’t, your heart belongs to another, his hand you take and you allow him to lead you places that don’t exist, he makes you see what you want to see, he hides the world from your eyes because his world is ugly and corrupt, he sees you as ugly, and he wants to corrupt you just as he corrupts everything he touches; I call you my companion and equal, he calls you a royal princess without equal, I want to walk with you, he says you can fly, I give you a single flower, he says you can have gardens, I give you reality, he says you can live your dreams; my hope is that one day you will gain your sight, but I fear that when you do, it will be too late, well, this is your faithful guide dog Paulie, wishing you his usual love, shalom…


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