A Dire Warning

Apr 21, 2020 Diary entry: Shalom everybody, it’s Paulie here, the usual humorous diary entries will have to wait for another time as Paulie comes with a warning to the inhabitants of the world, it’s a dark day, it’s a very dark day indeed, we stand upon the precipice of total destruction, the ouroboros reptiles who rule this world have all their game pieces set up to be knocked down, the old world order must die so that a Luciferian new world order can be born, a complete collapse of society is imminent, the world economy is going away along with governments, America has suddenly changed in profound ways, when the U.S. president declared a national emergency last month, all presidential power immediately transferred to FEMA, we no longer have a working president, Americans are now under the full authority of FEMA and FEMA has the authority to invoke every executive order that has been signed into law, none of your worldly goods can save you, not your gold or silver, your stockpiles of food and water, your guns, your ammo, FEMA will confiscate all that, if you are still one of those people who say they can have your gun when they pry it out of your cold dead hand, they will do it, more precisely, they will probably just leave it under the rubble of your house, the Constitution is now null and void, we are under Medical Martial Law directed by FEMA, a paraphrase a week ago by our last sitting president goes something like this, “It was a great honor to have been your president”, I will not tell you to hang on to your seats because the ride is going to be bumpy, I advise you to get under your seats because we are about to crash, the United States as we’ve known it our entire lives is now dead, we have entered into that calm before the storm our president spoke of, the only real advice I can give you is to follow the path laid out by the ancient Israelites who were brought through adversities, or the path of obedience to Yahawah’s Torah that Noah took that saved him and his family from the Great Flood inside the Ark, give up your idols such as Jesus, Allah, Buddah, Shiva; humble yourselves and return to Torah, do Yahawah’s Torah; learn who it is that created you and can destroy you if he is not satisfied, seek his face through obedience to his law and his face will shine on you, read the Tanakh and learn who your Creator is, if you don’t know him and he doesn’t care to know you because you have ignored him, then you will be left out in the coming storm to perish, we must conform to the commands, statutes, and laws of Yahawah so we can enter in to the Ark of the Covenant and ride this thing out under the protection of the one who is ultimately responsible for the world’s destruction, Yahawah; the wicked men of this world may seem like the ones to blame for our coming calamity, but Yahawah created wicked men for his purposes, and it is Yahawah’s purpose to end this thing as the wickedness of man has reached the heavens, drop your false idol Jesus, idol worship of Jesus is an abomination to your Creator, don’t rely on your idols or your food and guns, go to the source of all things, there is no one else who can help you during this coming time of all times, Paulie hopes you find peace,shalom…


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