Marriage On The Road

Apr 20,2020 Diary entry: Shalom everyone, now people have been wanting to know why Paulie had been married so many times, well, to tell the truth, Paulie would never have been married so many times, but he was repeatedly told that the eighth time was a charm, it wasn’t, unless you count an old witch’s demon-summoning amulet as a charm, I tell you, it isn’t; after Paulie’ eighth attempt to swim a sea he should never have even dabbled his toes in, he stays safely on the beach and he uses his inner tubes as beach seats instead of flotation devices that only provide false hope when the ocean begins to churn like an Adderall-soaked Starbuck’s addict at noontime stirs Red Bull into a 48 ounce travel mug so he can finish the company reports before the boss cans him because the volume of his headphones is bothering the other employees, Paulie’s little skiff no longer rides the crests of the waves in search of big game fish whose weight would sink him to the bottom, Paulie now waits for something to float up onto the shore instead, sometimes it means no meat for the skillet, but I guess that’s just life, anyway, last week I was on the road, headed for Tennessee, I stopped at a little back woods place just off Route 9 called the Eat and Sleep Inn, it was a hot and muggy night, the inn didn’t have air conditioning but there was a bit of a cross breeze between the open windows, the night was still, except for the occasional semi truck out on the highway; it’s nights like these that make you think, think things you never thought before, I went outside to sit on a rough-hewn bench next to the gravel parking lot, to sit under the stars and wonder about life in general, maybe the all-knowing stars above could shine some light on life’s mysteries that have puzzled me from the beginning, maybe they could call down a few comforting words, or possibly advice, on my many problems and woes, another truck roared down the highway, I felt the earth vibrate underneath the old bench, I felt the vibration through my whole being, my very soul shook, shook like a bad dog left out in a cold rain storm, I looked up into the night sky, I felt small, insignificant, I felt like the wisp of air that looks into the angry eye of the hurricane that bears down in all it’s fury, well, the guy inside behind the room rental counter says that the ninth marriage is the lucky one, he thinks I’m wrong to give up now, I asked him if he was happily married, and he said he wouldn’t marry if some one pointed a gun at him, you know, everybody has advice to give, and they give it freely, but I remember a wise old man telling a young Paulie that free advice is worth only what you pay for it, he said pay it no mind, well, it’s getting late and my martini glass is dry, so I will wish you all good night, good dreams, and good vibes, shalom…


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