Pig Rodeo Riders In The Sky

Apr 21, 2020 Diary entry: Now as you all know, Paulie grew up on a hog farm, all the residents of Farmington knew of young Paulie’s exploits, little Paulie could ride a pig longer than any of the other kids, we held our most prestigious pig rodeos during the dog days, it was an idyllic time, the whole township would turn out to laugh and applaud our antics and skills, the world was a much different place in those days, anyway, there was this one kid in the neighborhood who we called Bad Dog because he would pee anywhere, off the bridge, in the swimming pool, in his mom’s azaleas, Bad Dog even pee’d in Mr. Crotchkin’s canteen on our scout troop’s annual forced march camp out to spend a week cleaning up the area and grounds of the county dump, anyway, the days back then weren’t so bad, we had a certain amount of entertainment that was basic, and we were basic people, we didn’t need much stimulation, we had a saying in those days which we took to heart, “If you fan a hot fire, you may be consumed”, we tried to stay cool in those days even if it meant swimming in the river during winter snowstorms, I never yearned and ached the way I do today; when your only wish is to catch the hay wagon into town, you don’t become too unhitched if you miss it, but today, the hay wagons sparkle like new-born piglets on a sunny day, fancy coaches complete with fuel injected engines, gear shift levers, and cup holders that say ‘Give me your favorite drink, I’ll hold it for you while you drive hard on down the road”, yes, the times and their attendant yearnings have changed over these many years, as I look back I only see the good, as I look forward, I’m not sure what I see, but one thing is as sure as a pig loves squealing in the mud, Paulie loves you all, shalom…


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