The Witch Is Dead But Her Ghost Lives On

Apr 5, 2020 Diary entry: Okay people, this is the last time I talk about this thing, I will no more respond to questions concerning this ongoing witch hunt, this Russia thing must die and stay buried, Paulie has apologized to all the people who were unfortunately drug into this whole fiasco, all the unwitting participants have forgiven Paulie, and Paulie has repeatedly stated that he was the sole instigator and beneficiary of a hastily developed plot back during the Cold War Era, in which he had set his eyes on a particularly cute little Ukrainian girl who only wanted to come in from the cold, Paulie simply opened his door to her, and the two of us spent our days beside Paulie’s blazing hearth,the secrets that we exchanged so long ago are a matter of security, Paulie’s security, and presumably, the security of Paulie’s nation, so I say emphatically, please let us all forget the sullied past, let us all remember that we are all brothers and sisters who once loved each other, and look to the future, the witch is dead people, let her rest, let Paulie get back to the business of writing his simple Diary instead of spending his time responding to the many inquiries into this Russia thing, the phone calls to the Ukraine, the quid pro quo’s, leaked secrets, and all the rest, have been blown out of proportion, hang on, I want to comment on a saying from back in the seventies, we used to say that everyone over the age of thirty should die; I think it was in a movie and everyone repeated it, can I still hold to that view even though I am much older than thirty, I don’t know if I should keep clutching on to all my old beliefs, or whether I should re examine the things I was taught, well, my wine glass is empty so I’m gonna go root around in the cellar for whatever is down there, this is re- examiner Paulie, wishing love and shalom to all, again, shalom…


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