Don’t Let Them Chew Your Brain

Apr 5, 2020 Diary entry: Have you allowed this latest monsoon of lies to wash all your neural pathways over the cliff, has your once moist jello-like brain become dry like that jiggler gummy stuff your mom used to make for you, I imagine your mind to look like a wad of chewed gum that is stuck to the underside of the lunch table, oh, please excuse Paulie, I didn’t know you were here, I was talking to the newspaper kid, he was at the door, I was trying to explain my views on reality to him; you know, I think he’s overcharging me again, he comes by every two weeks collecting for the month, I’m gonna have to start keeping track, anyway, this is a slow news day, I just got up from my second nap and now that I think about it, maybe kids don’t collect for the paper door to door like they used to, oh well, I already wrote it and I’m not changing my story now, let’s press on, I have been feeling isolated out here by the county line, this big house feels as if it is devoid of something, something important, vitally important, but I just can’t put my finger on it, I’ve done everything I needed to do, I sealed all my windows, patched the roof, re taped all the places where the aluminum foil was coming off the walls, I have my supplies and drinking water, I got the electricity turned back on, the paperboy has been paid, why do I have this nagging feeling I forgot something, a New Testament bible verse comes to mind, I think it was Paul, verse 6:66, where Jesus says “You better worship me fool”, “Don’t make me preach to you in hell”, or maybe it was Philippians, verse 6:16, where they were passing the cup and Jesus says “Who’s the asshole who was chewing corn chips when he drank out of my cup”, I don’t know, with all that is going on, it’s getting so difficult to keep things straight anymore, anyway, it’s way past noon and that means it’s martini time, so I pour out a tall one and give a crisp salute to the family, wherever it is you have found yourselves scattered to; the path you are on stands upon the ancient pillars of eternity which will never wash away, shalom…


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