I Have A Juicy Vision And I Don’t Care If It’s Real

Apr 5, 2020 Diary entry: Everything in this world is a juicy vision without substance, it all exists only in our minds, nothing is real anymore, it is all fake, but our thoughts seem real, from the American Revolution, to the American political system, to outer space travel, to the most exquisite hamburger ever on your tell-a-vision screen, “Gol’ dang, that hamburger looks awesome Martha, I’m headin’ down to pick up a sackful of ’em”, “We’re gonna eat good tonight baby”, then when you get them home, they look like they’ve been sat on, they look like the lady behind the counter sat on them, they look like “Hello, I’m Margie Jo” hatched them out of her ass, and they taste like it too, the rulers of this world have been faking our reality since the beginning of time, when they say that life is but a dream, they aren’t kidding, it’s all a bunch of conjured up garbage and is about as real as that dream you had where the pretty lady across the table said you were the perfect dream man, and she was gonna take her millions and you to her private island and she would be your love slave until the end of time, c’mon man, none of this shit is real, you haven’t had a pretty lady look at you for years, and you haven’t had a decent hamburger for longer than that, let’s all wake up out of this nonsense, you are not the captain of a nuclear submarine in the middle of the churning ocean, you are just a dumbass in a Little Princess floatie out in your daughter’s wading pool, there are no heroes in this controlled reality we find ourselves in, only imaginary heroes in some far off mind game in which you believe you are winning, you are all losers who think you deserve gold medals, climb down out of that tree, plant your feet firmly on the ground, square up your shoulders, and scream to the very heavens themselves “I am a loser and now I know it!”, remember, Paulie is always here to help you, you only need ask of Paulie and he will give it to you, well, there’s a pretty, dark haired Oriental lady out back by the Olympic-sized swimming pool in the gardens who is mixing up exotic drinks with her finger, so I better cut this short and wish everyone a most real shalom, until next time, this is your life guide Paulie, sending love and shalom to you all…


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