Don’t Drink The “Snow Water”

Jan 31, 2020 Diary entry: Hey, it’s Paulie again, been watching this old TV Western, this thirsty bounty hunter came upon two guys up in the hill country, he inquired as to their provisions, they answered that all they had to drink was “snow water”, I think they must have been gay because when the one guy said “snow water”, he smiled really weird, like Beaver Cleaver’s mom smiled with that frozen jack-o-lantern mouth she had that reminded you of the Zig Zag man biting into Auntie Laneesha’s lemon meringue pie at the amateur cooking contest at last year’s county fair when everybody came down with stomach cramps and “walking diarrhea”, anyway, speaking of the lady who was Beaver Cleaver’s mother on the beloved television show we all reveled in, she was actually a West Hollywood prostitute before being discovered by a producer who was into children’s shows, she was a down and out hooker who couldn’t get a john until John Houseman discovered her and cast her in his show, a lot of things in this world have been covered up, do your own research people, Paulie advises you all to do your own research, shalom…


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