Trump In The Hole

Jan 29,2020 Diary entry: Well, this Russia thing just seems to drag on with no end in sight, Paulie pleads for the last time to let this thing go, it is tearing our people and nation apart, Paulie has already admitted full responsibility for his own actions and the actions of all who were unfortunately drug into the whole mess, it was long ago, the world was a very different place, it was desolate and cold, it was during the Cold War, cold war between the cute little Russian girl and her nation and little Paulie and his nation, the two of us tried to come together as something other than enemies, we tried but we failed, Paulie bears no hatred toward the cute little Ukranian girl he once knew who stole little Paulie’s secrets, and possibly, the secrets of Paulie’s nation, but let it be known this day, this is Paulie’s last plea to let this thing go or Paulie is gonna play his trump card, Paulie has a Rook card that you will never see coming, an out-of-patience Paulie will revel in revealing revelation about the deeper goings on that took place that sweet summer long ago from our little chateau down the railroad track by the abandoned trestle which was a burnt-out railway maintenance shed, if you don’t stop this most egregious witch hunt and focus on the more important issue of forgiveness and bridging the gap between brothers whom you once loved, Paulie is gonna blow your minds, Paulie is gonna blow your minds like Jimmy Durante blew his nose in that old movie entitled “The Snot Nosed Kid And The Snooty Spinster”, I may have dreamt that, anyway, all us Americans sit at the same table, please stop the food fight, drop that handful of mashed potatoes, get up from your seat, and go across the table to your brother or sister and give them a hug and a kiss on their neck, comb the green beans from your sister’s hair and tell her you love her more than some political witch hunt in which the witch has been roasted until nothing remains on the spit, let’s douse this inferno before we are all consumed by it, Paulie’s most fervent desire is that we all may return to the former days before we became so mixed up in this destructive quagmire of loathsome political posturing that has caused all Americans to cramp up within their collective consciousness, our once-clear American mind has become fogged with the haze of hatefulness over Paulie’s long ago relationship with a cute little Ukrainian girl who stole innocent Paulie’s secrets, and presumably, the secrets of little Paulie’s nation, please people, it’s time to let the past be reburied with all other past mistakes, let’s leave dead things dead, we must focus on the living, let us rebuild trust so that we can confidently drink from the coffee carafe, and once again trust that the brownies are not defiled by angry anarchists whose motive is to bring about revolutionary division between the two sides of something that shouldn’t have existed in the first place, so if you don’t want an especially ugly Rook card played on your ass, get up and hug your brother or sister, tell them they are worth more than your stupid political leanings, let’s hold a special midterm election and vote for a return to good old fashioned love, there are no Republicans or Democrats in heaven and there shouldn’t be any on earth either, well, this is Paulie, holding back his ugly Rook card along with his usual ugly closing comment, shalom all…


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