True Or False-Your Choice

Feb 8, 2020 Diary entry: Booze (Boo), Devil Rum, Beelzebub’s Bounty, El Diablo’s Destiny Drink, Paulie has drank with the devil and the devil has given to Paulie a message for the people of the earth, his message he wants Paulie to relate is “Fuck you”, well, Paulie has done his duty, so he will simply say “Watch out”, “Easy on the martini olives”, and “Keep the faith”, the faith you choose is entirely up to you, anyway, this is Paulie toasting a high martini to those who have given up faith for knowledge, shalom to all my loved ones who know what they know, shalom, and to all you who clutch onto false faith, Paulie shouts out a most true “Go to hell”…


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