The View Is Intoxicating

Jan 21,2020 Diary entry: The sun, the moon, and the stars have all fallen from their places in the heavens, they have found a new place to dwell, they have all moved in to Widow Henderson’s eyes where they revolve and dance in a whirling fast moving staccato dance of love that beckons to Paulie, no one has seen such a sight since the ancient sailors were beckoned by the sirens of the sea, Mother Sea’s beautiful daughters who set their starry eyes upon sail-rigging, rum-drinking, lonely men who constantly searched the watery horizon for a place to dock their forlorn ship of love, where a rum-drunk starving man may eat and drink his fill of a thing he had never known, a place where a man can put down his root, anyway, back to old Mrs. Henderson, Paulie has an elegant platter of corn dogs set out, a full pitcher of special Skunk in the Hole cocktails which Mrs. Henderson finds quite intoxicating, soft music from the stereo makes the candle flames dance like the ladies in the old movies, this whole night and everything in it feels like a slow waltz of love, love that can never be denied, a long night of star gazing into two other-worldly eyes that hold Paulie’s world, a far, far away world inside a woman that takes Paulie to his home port, the end of his voyage, Paulie says damn this earth, I’m going to sail the heaving ocean waves of Mrs. Henderson, the stars of heaven await, and Paulie’s heaven resides within Mrs. Henderson, and Mrs. Henderson knows it, this is Paulie, calling from the stars, shalom…


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