Your Monkey Is Hungry

Jan 23, 2020 Diary entry: This message goes out to all you people who love this fake world and all the fake things in it, you can’t stop loving the things that only exist in your imaginations, you are addicted to blank nothingness, you are a serious addict, you have a monkey on your back and he has his arms around you, holding you tight, feel his cold constricting embrace, feel his hot breath on your neck, he is squeezing you like you were the last lemon for his lemonade, he is riding you like you were the last steer at Delmonico’s on Cowboy’s Choice Menu Day, turn around, face your monkey, look him in his cold dead eyes, he is about to devour your soul, look into his eyes, kiss him, he is yours and you are his, this is just a quick heads up from Paulie, he wants you to be aware of your impending fate, well, now that that is out of the way, we would like to announce our newly established Midweek Joke Night which is about to premiere next week if all things go as expected, stay close by us as we endeavor to drag sorry asses out of their sorry deceptions and make them laugh at the same time, c’mon, please allow us to slay that sadistic monkey who owns your soul by his deceit, we will buy you out with truth and a few jokes along the way, the way is rocky but humor smooths all things, join our expedition into all things real, no fantasy allowed, so lace up your boots, fill your canteen, put a can of beans in your knapsack, and come along on our journey, don’t fear, we are experienced in this sort of thing, we have lost only a few weak souls along the way, your odds of making it are good, we look forward to being your guide through this lost world, shalom…


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