A Liver In The Pan

Jan 25, 2020 Diary entry: The question has been posed, “What internal body part is Paulie most like”, I would say Paulie is most like the liver, Paulie has always been a liver, he has drunk with the drinkers, he has smoked with the smokers, and Paulie has lived with the livers, some people have called Paulie the liverwurst, the worst sort of liver, but Paulie ignores the haters, he focuses on the beauty of this world, not the ugly, they say the liver bone is connected to the ham bone, well, Paulie is the ham, he is ever optimistic, he hangs in the smokehouse with his non judgmental chums, the wine flowing, the smoke smoking, and the laughs billowing from the chimney, flowing out into the streets like London fog rolls across an already hazy city full of Bowery bums discussing who they’d like their next prime minister to be, because this time he may not be such a worthless rotten fish chip like all the others, it seems the River Thames only produces diseased bottom sucking royal assholes which appear to be eels, but are, in reality, skinless snakes who eat their own tails, ouroboros reptiles who shed their slime on the earth like herds of incontinent snails who drank too much Guinness and ate too many conger balls, anyway, this diary entry is not about British royal assholes, it is about Paulie the Liver, Paulie relaxes within a warm skillet, the oil of friendship soothes Paulie as he calls to the chef to add more wine, and maybe a few more onions, use that special Claret we’ve been saving for just this occasion, this night we shall feast my friends, we shall feast on Paulie until the dawn arrives and this magnificent meal has been devoured, we shall laugh until the hyenas cry loud into the night “What’s Up”, “Why all the laughing coming from others”, well, there’s some one in a white muffin-looking hat with a spatula coming to flip Paulie, this is a gently sauteing Paulie, saying to those whom he loves, “Keep your burner simmering”, “Keep the lid on”, and “Easy on the garlic”, to the rest of you, Paulie says simply “You are becoming scorched”, “Go to hell”…


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