Drop The Fork

Jan 16, 2020 Diary entry: Okay, this whole respect thing has been blown all out of proportion, people are continually whining that there isn’t enough respect in the world, and specifically, not enough respect from Paulie, please allow me to say that Paulie can neither give, nor receive respect, that can only be given or taken away by our creator, Paulie says to you people to stop being what you are not, no man owes you respect, and you owe respect to no man, you are looking in this world below for that which only exists above, you cannot bring the rain out of the ground, it falls from the heaven above, I think turkeys are so much smarter than men, when the life giving rain falls from heaven, they look up and receive it with thanksgiving, provided it isn’t during the pagan’s fall feast days, you pagans will gobble down anything that doesn’t move too fast for your lazy worthless pumpkin pie asses you can’t get off the couch, and contrary to what you’ve been taught, candied yams and three jello cream cheese salad is not brain food, your head isn’t too big, your ass is, I remember the words of a wise man long ago, he said “Little Paulie, in the future, man’s downfall will be his fork and spoon” “Always temper your appetite with a wee dram of wisdom”, well, this is Paulie, headed to the kitchen for another wee dram of a martini and a corn dog, remember to put your fork down and put your eyes up, shalom all…


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