Close Your Eyes And Wink

Jan 16, 2020 Diary entry: We have been enjoying a bit of a respite here at Paulie Gee’s Realtime Diary from the contentious religious upheavals that have torn us apart so many times over the years, a tenuous cease fire between the various sectarian writer’s blocks seems to be holding, many long hours have been put in holding peace meetings and showing videos on how to love those whom you hate, so far, our Muslim writers have refrained from writing Jesus jokes, our Christian writers have refrained from their usual Allah jokes, our Mormon writers are not making Satanist jokes, and our Wiccans and Satanists no longer make Mormon and Latter Day Saints jokes, our writers are united in a new venture, we are leaving the dark black hole of filth that religion is, and we are moving into a clear new day, we will be unified as one, writing rectum jokes, rectum jokes like the world has never seen, there is a new rectum joke day on the horizon, and Paulie Gee’s Realtime Diary’s staff writers are gonna show it to you in your face, it’s a new day, it’s a new joke day, and the day is all about rectum jokes, so sit back and relax, maybe you should pour a drink first and have a smoke, this is gonna be a journey that will turn your mind inside out, your brain will look like an inside out sock, the one you can never find, the one that sticks to the inside of the dryer, afraid to emerge, be that as it may be, we will begin our rectum joke journey with the well known story of The Rectum of The Edmund Fitzgerald, and we shall scream down the muddy snow-less toboggan trail until we arrive at today’s current problem, your wife yelling at you because you got drunk at Auntie Louise’s special open house and you rectum’ed the whole thing, you rectum’ed it up like you were the bartender at a chocolate martini bar shaking Mud Hole Cocktails like you had sat in a bee hive, and they all stung you you know where, there are many rectum jokes sitting conspicuously between these two extremes and we shall delve into each one, we shall show you one by one, how the world is full of rectums and that there is a joke for every one of them, we shall open those dark eyes of yours and we will laugh, we will most certainly laugh my friends, this is Paulie, shouting out in this dark world, shalom…


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