A Word Please

Jan 15, 2020-Diary entry: Hey everybody, it’s Paulie, I have a wonderful gift for you, don’t worry, it’s free, Paulie’s gift to you is his words, please accept them, they will light up your drab dreary life, they will warm you on these cold winter nights, try them on and feel the tailored fit, aren’t they comfy, wear Paulie’s words like the fine garment they are, take a dozen or so home and fry them on the stove with some hash browns, eat them like gourmet candy corn, nibble them lightly or gorge yourself ’til you barf, use Paulie’s words like they were your very own, scream them to the heavens, whisper them to your loved one, drop them on strangers like water balloons, Paulie gives you his words freely and liberally, all he asks is that you share them with others, let’s start a brand new language, haven’t you always thought the English language sucked, what class in school was more bogus than English grammar, we’re throwing out all the rules, we are gonna speak and write how we feel, we will spell words however we want, we will punctuate our words with the ones your language teacher threatened to kick you out of school for using, speak your mind, but please use Paulie’s free gift to get you started on a word voyage of unimaginable beauty, a voyage that will be long, a never ending odyssey that will catapult your world into that new dimension you’ve always dreamt of, let’s all dream together, let’s rock our cradle until we lift off from this earth and we bid the dull witted earthlings goodbye in a language they don’t understand, and we give them a universal hand sign that implies the number of their brain cells that still fire, well, please allow Paulie to give these next words to his loved ones, “Peace, love, and shalom”, oh, and some words for the rest of you, Paulie hasn’t forgot, “Go to hell”…


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