Throw Me Back Please

Diary entry: Paulie at one time ruled all the fishes in the sea, he was known as King Salmon, Paulie was always the first one up the fish ladder, Paulie was a fighter, he swam hard and he nested hard, many of the little lady fishes wanted to put a harpoon through Paulie’s magnificent scales, weigh him down, and take him home to their skillet, Paulie has shaken free from many hooks, he has had to, it’s called survival instinct and Paulie has instinct to burn, the lady fishes employ many techniques to lure him into their sea beds, there are as many techniques as there are different lady fishes, each one has her own style, there are little nibbler lady fishes who slowly nibble away at Paulie’s defenses, there are the big mouth grouper lady fishes who try to inhale all Paulie’s aura as if they were eating a popcorn shrimp after a starvation diet, there are the little stickleback lady fishes who are very bony, whose sharp attitudes impale Paulie’s wild nature as if he were some sort of balloon at the dart throwing booth at the county fair, then there are the little lady balloon fishes who are so puffed up with attitude that Paulie just wants to scream and swim to the nearest canning factory, the little lady fishes have as many different techniques as there are fishes in the sea, top feeders, bottom feeders, blow fishes, sucker fishes, jaw crunchers, small lipped ticklers, the lady fishes run the gamut from the small, delicate, and minnow-like nuzzlers, to the large and bold drums, but the target of them all is big game fish Paulie, they all want the magnificent filet’s of King Salmon Paulie, but they don’t want him as he is, they want to take him home and grind him up, add cracker crumbs to him, and put his balls in the deep fryer, the sea is a magnificent woman, she is as open as she is wide, but her beautiful daughters hide dark intentions within, so King Salmon continues to swim and cut through the sea, eroding beaches as he flips sea water everywhere in his wake; Mother Sea has spawned many schools of dangerous daughters whose fish eyes are all on Paulie, well, my advice to you lesser salmon, you cohos, chums, and the rest of you, keep your minds clear, keep your noses into the current, and keep your fins ever flipping, this is King Salmon saying to his beloved family who all have fins and scales, “Shalom”, to everyone else, King Salmon splashes on you a cold “Go to hell”…


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