The Last Fortune Cookie

Diary entry: Paulie fears he may have been served his last fortune cookie and the message inside may be a bad one, now Paulie has had many misfortunes in his long life but he fears this may be the big one, the whale in the boat that has only one thing on his mind and he’s looking at Paulie as if he is a breaded and fried minnow on that mother-of-pearl china pattern that was used at the expensive Oriental hotel where you spent your honeymoon, was this last fortune cookie to foretell a short future for Paulie, a short diabolical theft of the one thing Paulie holds dear, we will see my dear readers, we will certainly see, but until then, Paulie’s fortune cookie will remain sealed until the time of the end, to my loved ones, Paulie says stay strong, never waver, keep that hood ornament pointing straight ahead, easy on the gas, and stay in your lane, to the rest of you, you lane-weaving lame ohs who don’t know if you are driving, adjusting your sound level, or talking on your little device that keeps you connected to the most moronic garbage; don’t worry, that favorite movie star of yours will be just fine, Paulie says stop speeding to nowhere, stop eating Taco Bell behind the wheel, and stop praying to that damn little plastic figurine that is still on the dashboard of your dead Grandma’s car, get yourself a job for gods sake, and stop driving your poor dead Grandmother’s car you freaking loser you…


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