Don’t Corn Me Man

Diary entry: Hey you guys, what’s going on in Corn Town these days, you keepin’ it in the can, keepin’ it under your belt, or are you poppin’ it like cheap Champagne on a midweek hayride, hey everybody, it’s Paulie, just foolin’ around with my people, that’s how we rap to each other here in this part of the Midwest, we’re down with it, like cornbread in your lunch bucket, anyway, Paulie only stopped by to tell you a joke he heard down at the bar tonight, how do you know if there is a bat in your house, easy, your wife’s car is in the driveway, one more, how do you know raccoons will never get in your attic, because your mother-in-law just moved in and she eats everything in sight, Paulie has another one about why the skunks won’t eat out of your garbage can, but he’ll save that one for another time, it is late, and the dogs need feeding and Goober my cat is meowing at the door wanting in, so this is Paulie, wishing you and all your little families, shalom…


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