Paulie’s Little Utopian World

Diary entry: Hey everybody, it truly is a great day to be alive out here in Paulie world, the beer is cold, the beans are hot, and Paulie is just right, the snowy wonderland seems to glitter like a jeweler’s display window even though we don’t see the sun much any more, the days are short but the stories are long, and they continue clear into the wee hours, everyone here has something to say and they all say it, sometimes you can’t tell the difference between the beer wind and the bean wind, but no matter, as long as the breeze blows, we shall regale or be regaled, as the gales of laughter attest to, people here seem to be putting their serious differences aside in favor of jokes, like in the old days when we laughed at that wide no man’s land that stood between differing opinions and ideals, when strong men with funny tales to tell breached the schism with that defiant look in their eyes that told you a belly full of humor would soon be had, yeah, we invite all to join us as we feast hearty, we have those cute little tables with the checkered cloths on them, set up in the midst of that wide gulf that wants to keep us apart, please come together out here in Paulie world, it’s a new day, a Utopian day, it’s open house here at our little Utopian Paradise Hotel, check in with us for a short stay, we value your time, make your time our time and we will make our laughs your laughs, we hope to see you soon, shalom…


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