No Answers

Diary entry: This is Paulie, your quiz master with a short quiz for you, first question, “Who are you”, second, “What are you”, and third, “How long are you gonna be that before you finally change into something you might actually one day be proud of”, please don’t send your answers in to us here at the “Diary”, Paulie can only ask questions, he cannot answer them, the strong wind may blow your house down but it has no answer for why it did such a thing, don’t ask the large wide buzzard why he prefers eating soupy carrion by the roadside, don’t ask the house cat why he prefers sleeping in your soft bed, and don’t ask Paulie why he asks hard questions and has no answers for them, well, this is Paulie, continually questioning everything like he was meant to do from the beginning, ending this short note with love wishes to all the family who question also, Paulie says good wishes, good things, love, and shalom to the ones he loves, and once more saying to the rest of you, Paulie’s really getting tired of repeating it, but he will say it one more time, go to hell…


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