Good Wishes To All

Diary entry: Hey everybody, Paulie here with holiday greetings to you all, Paulie has put out his usual treat for Santa beside the blazing fireplace, the bright orange-red logs illuminate an almost empty bottle of schnapps, a candy cane that the dog had been licking on, and a plate of Christmas tree cookies that turned out tasting worse than the Christmas tree water in your tree stand after New Years Day, and plenty of carrots and potatoes for Rudolph, Santa’s favorite reindeer; I don’t know who it was, Santa or one of his animals, but some one crapped in my fireplace last year and Paulie will be waiting up all night this Christmas eve to make sure it doesn’t happen again, if Paulie catches anyone crapping in his fireplace this year, he will be hung outside the window of the stone tower like last year’s wilted mistletoe that the rats will kiss under before they chew his carcass down to the bone, anyway, Paulie may not have his Christmas cookie baking down right , but there is one thing Paulie does have right, and that is his love for you, so please allow Paulie to duck this next tree branch as old Plowie clops through the woods, pulling my sleigh through the snowy wonderland we all refer to as Paulie Land, this is Paulie shouting out a very merry good evening and a happy new day for you all, shalom…


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