Don’t Muddy Your Pearls

Diary entry: Good evening, Paulie here, it has been a day filled with quiet contemplation, a mostly silent day except for those muffled, distant whispers that come out of the dark forest of your mind, anyway, where was I, oh yeah, Paulie has become mired down in a dilemma, does he continue to try to whip sense into his fellow Americans, or does he get back up on his horse and leave them all to die in the desert, does Paulie continue to use his smart whip that is strung with beautiful shiny pearls to whip muddy beasts of the earth who cannot discern between a corn cob and an apple, Paulie fears his perfect whip of pearls only falls on deaf ears, well, it’s past nine o’clock, which is far past Paulie’s martini time, so as Paulie stirs his first martini of the evening, please allow Paulie to stir your ears one more time, “Wake up you fucking retard”, shalom family…


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