Tweet, Tweeet

Diary entry: It’s true that Paulie has been singing loudly during these recent times, people have been complaining about the songs he is singing, people want to change Paulie’s tune, well, you can’t change the tune of the springtime robin, you can’t stop the summer screech owl from screaming in the hot night, and one thing is sure as hell itself, you better not attempt to harness the voice of the hawk god who has talons that span the entire county, you will most certainly die the death of a fake martyr, the hawk will feather a nest inside your gaping bowel cavity, well, this is Paulie the hawk, crying out loud in his most terrifying voice, “Wake up you fuckin’ retard”, shalom my people, shalom… Diary entry: Look, Paulie can only sing the song he’s been given, every bird sings his own song and no one else’s, you can’t ask the finch to wail like a whippoorwill, the little wren will never scream like the great eagle, and Paulie the man will never moo like the cattle of the world, Paulie will no longer be driven along with the herd, Paulie is out and on a path that the cattle will never see, shalom family, shalom…


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