Diary entry: Good morning class, you all look well today, I hope you have been studying your workbook, if any one of you fails this class, you all fail, and you will be given a most distressing homework assignment, there is a weathered cardboard box on your teacher’s desk, you will file past and each one of you will remove a rain gauge, your assignment will be to measure the rainfall in hell… Diary entry: The lady at the bar was a real gazelle, she ran like one when Paulie began to explain the true meaning of the term “buttonholer”, people have no idea what the “button business” really is… Diary entry: “Would you allow me to take you to lunch my dear, I know a little out-of-the way bar and grill, softly nestled between the transient hotel and the tannery, we shall sing the day away as if it were our very own”…


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