The Crusades Just Keep Rolling Along

Diary entry: It seems religious war is in the air, I can feel it, it’s almost palpable, a recent “Diary” entry concerning dunking Jesus’s head in hot cocoa and eating it has brought forth crusaders for justice, we have had to expand our mail room to accommodate an overflow of letters and iffy-looking packages, many of which contain funny smelling Jesus cookies and brownies, anyway, most of the texts, emails and letters suggest that we here at the “Diary” are being blasphemous in eating Jesus cookies without the proper respect, well, you guys are drinking his blood and eating his meat, geez, you are covered in blood like coyotes inside a dead deer carcass, isn’t there a scripture that says those with an issue of blood must be removed from the camp, just sayin’ man… Diary entry: A bit of wisdom heard long ago from an old freight train rider, “When the freight train begins to speed up, you better either get off or hold on tight”, well, we here at the “Diary” aren’t quite sure of what we are doing but one thing is certain, we are scared to jump…


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