You Just Can’t Title This Stuff

Diary entry: Paulie has been riding the crests of the sea waves a bit too high and he has become quite seasick, so Paulie is sticking his face under the water for a moment, don’t go away, Paulie hopes to resurface soon… Diary entry: Paulie’s experiences with the criminally insane were not pleasant ones but Paulie needed a job and he was willing to do the work, but it seemed that the work might devour Paulie, to wit, a particularly lovely, no, an exquisitely lovely little widow lady who said she was totally innocent of bludgeoning her late husband with his leaf blower, she had a magic aura about her and a young Paulie was intrigued, was this to be one of Paulie’s downfalls, we will be returning to this much too long chapter in Paulie’s life at a later date… Diary entry: Working in an insane asylum has it’s perks, there is plenty of decaf coffee and crafts, if you’re into that sort of thing, anyway, where was I, oh yeah, getting too close to the patients can backfire on you, when they offer to get the cigarettes out of your car, you shouldn’t give them your keys, Paulie has lost a few patients and he lost a car… Diary entry: Two AM, a dark night in the city, the sound of a rock crashing through the bedroom window, or Paulie rolling over his martini glass, we will investigate in the morning… Diary entry: Return to “Murder At The Panda Express”, it seems the victims body has disappeared and no one is talking, Paulie suspects a corrupt Oriental morgue attendant, probably addicted to opium, yes, a forlorn Oriental opium addicted morgue worker , easily manipulated by powerful and ugly men, offered either money or opium to move the body, hang on, Paulie wants to tell you about where he has been getting his hair cut and styled, it’s a new “cutting” edge establishment run by two guys, Bob and Lou, they are right next door to a chili and bean burrito shop where they eat lunch every day, the name of their barber shop is “We Cut More Than Hair”, Paulie usually has a tip for his barber but he’s afraid to say it… Diary entry: There is this idea that a person living as a dumb ass today will still be a dumb ass tomorrow, well, Paulie rejects that idea, Paulie thinks that a dumb ass can change, he believes that, he has to…


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