Your ID Please…

Diary entry: Back when Paulie was a young lad, he ran a fake ID business, yeah, people were always coming to him for fake driver’s licenses so they could legally drink in bars when they were only fifteen or sixteen years old, Paulie’s business expanded so much he took on two young employees to work for him, well, the business peaked and then took an exceptionally difficult financial downturn, it was difficult for us to keep up with demand, as this was the time when beer drinking had become a craze, anybody who was anybody drank beer, and everybody was trying to be somebody, well, we couldn’t fill all our orders and still maintain our quality control, we made too many fake driver’s licences with the same photo of that kid in the Bazooka Bubble Gum comics, people began to catch on and Paulie’s Fake ID Company Inc, bit the dust, yeah, it was only the first of Paulie’s endeavors, no, dreams, to burn in fiery conflagrations of public hatred and loathing… Diary entry: Well, Paulie has been knocked down innumerable times, but he is still standing, for the time being anyway, yes, Paulie stands tall and proud, until Widow Clear next door swings her heavy broom because Paulie simply wants to love and be loved, well, this is Paulie, out here on the avenue, keeping it real for everybody, you people don’t know what you are doing, follow Paulie to the castle in the sky, the reality castle, yes, with the proper footwear, the right mental attitude, and a burning fire in your gut, you may reach the top of this mountain, but know this, if you weaken, if you falter, Paulie will flip you off the cliff with his big green rubber climbing boot, so, this is Paulie, out here on the mountain, calling out a loud yodel, “Wake up you retard!”…


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