Sweet Jesus

Diary entry: This is Paulie, CEO of “Paulie Gee’s Realtime Diary”, stating unequivocally; we here at the ””Diary” are not anti religious in any way, we have been receiving an overload of texts, emails, and letters from Jesus people that are very hateful, and just plain insulting, so to lay this whole matter to rest, let us all here say that we do not reject Jesus, no, a mother of one of our young writers bakes us Jesus cookies and I tell you the truth, a good Jesus cookie warms me inside when I dip his head in my hot cocoa… Diary entry: Hey everybody, all the employees and their families are gathered here, we are holding our November Beer, Baloney, and Bean Blowout in October and it is a real blast, the moon is hanging low in the night sky, our hopes are even lower, but we have beer, beans, good baloney, and stories that will certainly go far into the night, anyway, this is Paulie and the gang out here on the avenue, wishing shalom to all of you whom we love, the rest of you, go to hell… Diary entry: Paulie was the editor in chief of his sixth grade newspaper, we all worked hard and put out a fine edition, Paulie was asked to go join the scavenger club and not return until he found a flying catfish, Paulie is still looking… Diary entry: Paulie stood at his window, gazing out into the night, when there was a movement out in the darkness, an ugly man with long hair, a bent nose, and a face that looked like one of those rubber masks they have in the magic shop window, Paulie was startled, then he recognized Mrs. Wigman taking her dog in the house for the night… Diary entry: New novel, short story, or just a regular “Diary” entry, “Lady of The Morning Meets Midnight Man”, a beautiful lady’s long dark fall after meeting a dark man who is spiraling out of control, a story of love, passion, and careless abandon, two lost souls who become entwined in murder, yes, murder on the late night train to Waukegan, there will be much “bleedin’ on the Waukegan” line this dark and stormy night, those of you with weak wills and weak stomachs, please turn away now, do not stay, this story is only meant for the experienced, those whose iron guts never flinch, nevertheless, do not continue reading unless you are sitting down, better yet, lying down, as many will get light headed and dizzy with fear, yes, it may be best that you all go away, stop reading now, you could be affected in ways you will never recover from, so as Paulie continues on with the story, go away, leave now, everyone, Paulie does not want to be responsible for mass mental hysteria… a beautiful lady’s long, dark, dangerous fall is never an easy thing to witness but I was there, and, as some say, “partially responsible”, I will continue on the best I can, this is not at all easy for me but I will be strong and relate this thing the best I can, this fateful decent into the very bowels of darkness, on this dark night, and this dark thing that happened on the Waukegan Line, when so much blood ran red on those snake like railroad tracks that ran through picturesque Midwestern countryside, the train cut through scenic country, pretty during the day, but when night fell and cold darkness replaced warm daytime whimsy, things got real, too real…


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