The Future Never Was Future

Jan 16, 2021 Diary entry: For anyone who enjoys science fiction that has become reality, we have it, clones, biorobotoids, and various other laboratory humans have been mingling among us for some time now, but today we have massive numbers of newly created and unique humans all around us, if the stories are true about the flu and virus vaccines, people have now become connected to the World Wide Web, and I mean really connected, and they are now genetically modified, your barber is now a seedless watermelon, your brawny Irish bartender is now laboratory meat, your manicurist is a GSA-0002021XZ3 cantaloupe, the entire high school track team is a sack of McDonald’s French fries, the old man sitting on the bench in front of the hardware store has been red flagged, and the central AI computer system is downloading data to his internal hardware with instructions to delete, he is programmed to walk to the alley and jump in the dumpster, such is the world we live in, I sometimes wonder if humans, the way we have known them, are a thing of the past, anyway, I send my love to all the old type of human, and you seedless watermelons too, peace…


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