The Rebellious Will Not Gather

May 4,2020 Diary entry: Hey everybody, it’s Paulie again, I’m coming to you from that great island in the sea, America, Paulie is still seeking his lost ones but he fears he cannot find them, you lost ones that Paulie seeks can only find yourselves, no one can find you for you, Paulie has tried, he has tried to pull you out of the lost continent you inhabit, but you refuse to board the ship in the harbor that can return you home to the place you belong, Paulie desires to bring you back into the glorious land that was promised to you thousands of years ago, most of you are descended from the ancient Israelites who are about to be regathered to inhabit the beautiful land, you don’t know who you are, Paulie wants to tell you that you were meant to know and to follow the truth of the Torah, and claim your promised inheritance, don’t throw away what has been promised you, you were not meant to be Christians, you were meant to be the children of Yahsharal, the children of our Creator, to worship him only, and no other, ditch that man-god idol that was made up by the Roman’s to enslave you all in idolatry; but alas, you prefer the dark continent of confusion and fakeness that you cling to like a child clings to nursery rhymes and his mother’s skirt, I have tried to take you by the hand and lead you back home but you won’t have it, so what is Paulie to do, the ship is about to leave port and Paulie will certainly be on it, the voyage will be sweet, but sad, as I will always remember you with fondness mixed with anger, anger over your stubborness to let go of your wild imaginations which can’t give up the fairy tales you’ve loved since you could first walk, the world has told you wonderful tales of things that don’t exist, yet you want to believe they are true, and I fear you will never grow up and let them go, you are all Peter Pans who don’t want to ever grow up, you think you can open up your bedroom window and fly, well, you can’t, you must learn to stop crawling first, you will never get up off your knees, you don’t want to learn how to walk, you will never taste the true fruit of this world because you won’t remove that rubber baby sucker thing from your mouth because it is the only thing that comforts you, you are all doomed to die in the nest, never to experience flight like you were meant to, anyway, there’s an animal making a lot of noise outside in the tin can pile, I’ll give him a few minutes to quiet down before I go out and yell at him, well, as I make another cup of tea, not tea actually, it’s more like green Kool Aid with gin in it, oh, and crumpets, well, not crumpets actually, more like leftover toast from this morning, anyway, as I pour out a tall green tea and light one up, I bid my people love and shalom…


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