Oh, Fudge

Apr 24, 2020 Diary entry: Paulie was in the gas station the other day getting some candy bars, Paulie has been feeling somewhat depressed for some reason and he wanted to put a little Almond Joy back in his life, add a Bit-O-Honey back into a sour existence, Paulie wanted a Fast Break to happiness is a Three Musketeers, anyway, when Paulie balked at paying for his purchase because he was staring at the Bubblegum Eyeballs, the clerk behind the counter said he wanted to reach inside me and unscrew my rectum with the pair of pliers he carries in his back pocket for tinkering under the hood; this has been the first rectum joke of many more to come from Paulie Gee’s Realtime Diary, we are about to embark on our Summer Rectum Joke Extravaganza, the whole staff here at Diary Headquarters has been writing massive quantities of rectum jokes during the world’s slowdown, when the world picks back up, so will we, we haven’t been sitting around scratching our you-know-whats, we have been writing rectum jokes that will tickle your ears and massage away your cares, so pull up a seat, lean in, and let our rectum jokes be your rectum jokes, take possession of them, then pass them along, we believe the time is now that rectum jokes will catch on and be on the lips of people’s all over the world, so don’t be left behind, the world is ready, are you?…


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